Mummy says ‘Colin Firth’ Will Always Be Her Mr Darcy…..

Dear Colin Firth,

I think you’re handsome, really truly! Isn’t it funny how it turned out that you played the character of ‘Mark delicious Darcy’ as well as the one and only Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice? You’ve spoilt me for anymore Darcys on the scene I’m afraid.  I don’t want to see any other man coming out of that pond – in the Pemberly scene- in a white shirt other than you! It would have to be someone truly worthy (of the character) to take your place. I loved you in ‘Mama Mia’ by the way- who knew you could sing!!! Oh, and in ‘A Single Man’ you defined for me what a classic and versatile actor you truly are- I also wanted to tell you.. your wife is stunning.

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