Mummy’s ode to Colin Firth..


I have to objectify your beauty- very sorry!

Dear Colin Firth,

You’re  handsome, really,.. you are!!!. I’ve said it before haven’t I?
I watched ‘Love Actually’ – again for the millionth time – yes! I am aware that it is an old movie and you would much rather forget it, but, I wanted to tell you, there is absolutely nothing better than seeing you woo a beautiful woman in her native Portuguese!! do you speak fluent Italian by the way?

Your seamless transformation in ‘A Single Man’ reminded me that I should not treat you so frivolously i.e. objectifying your beauty – I can’t help myself – I do however, respect your excellent ability to portray a tortured ‘gay man’ – you looked amazing by the way-which is not easy to do( the tortured part I mean) and yet, you pulled it off so effortlessly. Were you in the role long before you started filming  – um, sorry, I don’t quite know ‘the acting’ terminology for ‘in the role’ but I’m sure you know what I mean??? being a perfect man of substance – far too intelligent and well read.  Do you know… I don’t particularly want to meet you because then I wouldn’t know what to say, nothing intelligent would ever come out of me for I would be too busy staring at you – rather rude of me I’m afraid. Although, It is awfully presumptuous of me to even entertain the thought isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Mummy’s ode to Colin Firth..

  1. I love Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy – isn’t it so funny, but I’m actually reading Pride and Prejudice right now for the first time! I’m a little slow to the punch :-).

    Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning! Massive thanks!



    • Oh you’ll love the book I’m sure. Every time I read Pride and Prejudice, I see Colin Firth as the one and only Darcy (-: sigh!!!
      Thank you for reading my blog too.. I really enjoyed reading yours. I love that rug you had on the side panel- forgot to tell you.
      Can’t wait to read more…
      Meditating Mummy


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