Mummy Loves Macarons….

This is pure ambrosia!!
What was left over after I finished…

I got  these  as  a gift recently from someone very special to me and I can’t believe how thoughtful she was to remember that I have a huge love for French Macarons. These were gently transported all the way from Paris. All I can say is that every morsel I sampled was like a touch of ambrosia straight off Mt. Olympus. With unique flavors and  names such as ‘Arabesque'( filled with a delicate layer of apricot and pistachio crème) ‘Jasmin’ ( a soft white crème , fragrant with Jasmine tea and flower) ‘ Rose’ ( a divine mix of rose and petals of rose) and Infiniment Caramel (filled with Caramel au Beurre ) they melted in my mouth with smooth as silk liquid leaving behind just a hint of a rose petal, jasmine flower and delicious caramel. The oddest combination I had was Vanilla and Olive oil, it was such an experience that I oohed and aahed all week-long.


  1. Mika says:

    C’est delicieux! Brings back memories…


  2. What a lovely gift, brought all the way from Paris no less! 😀


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