Mummy Gets Chatty with Colin Firth….



Dear Colin Firth,

I saw you on ‘Bridget Jones the edge of Reason‘ the other day..( okay I confess, I have seen it about a million times).  Man about the house thinks i’m potty, I really don’t mind. You know that scene where you tell Bridget.. that you love all of her ‘wobbly bits?’  mmmmm! that’s so dreamy. Please don’t wake me up from my delusions of grandeur-sigh!!! let me indulge a little longer. Okay! okay! it’s only a movie- I know that.. but I wonder if you have similarities to ‘Mark stunning Darcy?’ I mean… would you like a little bit of ‘wobbly’ on a woman?  I’m getting a wee bit personal aren’t I? you don’t really have to answer that. No, actually you do.  I would like to know. I often hear actors say that fans always( this is such an over-used word)” imagine” the natural blend of a particular character in a movie with the real- life persona…. sorry if that makes you sound like a cup of tea- but I can’t imagine any actor portraying a character without a blend of his off-screen characteristics? By the way what kind of tea do you drink?

Well, you are rather brilliant aren’t you? I bet you could play the Prime Minister? um, not Gordon Brown-a blah! sort of role isn’t it?  but perhaps someone dashing, someone modern- how about Tony Blair? too old? well, you don’t look old- let me know what you think… I do so love that you are doing your bit to protect our planet, do forgive me for  not telling you that before.