Mummy talks to Colin Firth about ‘The King’s Speech’….

Dear Colin Firth,

I don’t think I want to call you Colin anymore, I would prefer ‘Sir Colin’ you brilliant, brilliant man…  has the Queen called you yet?  I  do think early knighthood should be bestowed upon you – it is really not such an absurdity. I say this to you in all my letters- you are excellent at what you do.  If you wouldn’t mind, I would like to start off by saying you are just ‘superb’ in the ‘King’s Speech.’ Being an ordinary person and in no way related or connected to anyone that is anyone in Hollywood or the British film industry, I have only had a glimpse of your supreme talent via a trailer. I cannot help but hope for not just an Oscar nomination but a win– finally – one you fully deserve. In fact you should have won last year but I’ve moved on from that…..Your spectacular ‘character’ acting is so superior that words fail me. I think myself quite eloquent when need be, but in this case, I have nothing to say… well okay, I have something to say…. you play a very dashing King George the VI, he was certainly not as good- looking as you, yet, you play him with such sheer depth, portray the affliction that was his stammer- we all know the poor man was so shy- with great love, showing us, mere mortals, the sincere courage ( the strength that was asked of him when his people needed a “king”)-  of one who overcame a singularly debilitating challenge to finally find his ‘royal voice’ and here, you clearly leave your mark (on this particular character)- it is inspiring to say the least.

You have such a great cast  in Geoffrey Rush,( whom I adore)  Michael Gambon– who is simply fantastic, no matter what he does.. ahem! Dumbledore, oh and wasn’t he great as Mr Woodhouse in the BBC production of Emma? then, you have Timothy Spall ( Wormtail, aka Peter Pettigrew- I’m a huge Potter fan by the way) playing Winston Churchill-  there is the beautiful Jennifer Ehle– how fantastic is it that Jennifer is in this film with you? have you starred with her in any other films since Pride and Prejudice?….and Helena Bonham Carter– I believe Ms. Carter presents you with a fantastic queen; oh my goodness, to see her in that odd juxtaposition of  roles… playing Belatrix Lestrange and Britain’s most beloved Queen Mum- takes my breath away. Anyway, back to you, as I pay homage to your new role- I send you the very best wishes, a very happy belated 50th Birthday – You don’t look 50 at all by the way, – and many cheers to all the fantastic accolades this role will bring you!!! I’m quite certain there will be many. I will write back, as soon as I have seen the film.