Mummy Loved Colin Firth on Morning Television…..

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Dear Colin Firth, Colin, Mr Firth , well okay!! Colin,

I watched you with great pride( in the manner of a loyal and devoted mummy fan) this morning on the Today Show and on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly.’  It was too early, even I could see that, but you were incredibly gracious and humorous, all of which seem to come naturally to you. Are you really like that? well, you couldn’t be rude could you?  Most excellent morning attire by the way. I have never heard you being introduced as “The Thinking Woman’s Heart Throb”  but, I think you are. I hope you accept that as a compliment. Of course it takes you back to the days of playing ‘Darcy’ and that ever so subtle passion and chemistry you shared with Jennifer Ehle… um!! not that you want to be reminded of it.

What a wonderful trip to Africa you must’ve had. I found the story about the unexpected visual of  a pair of amorous lions  right near your jeep,.. hilarious.  It must have been a painful explanation with a 7 yr old in tow. What a fantastic experience for your kids to help with pressing olives and then the whole process of  producing olive oil- uh, not that it would produce any other sort of oil. Can I visit you?

Right, back to business then… so, I am waiting for your new film with absolute impatience and a wee bit of irritation just because it has not opened where I live, only in New York and Los Angeles – why are they so special?

How? and I say it again, how did you manage to pretend you have that debilitating stutter? You are brilliant! as is Geoffrey Rush -Aussie, Aussie oy! oy!- being part Australian, I had to put that in there, sorry. Yes! yes! I realize it is not  very lady- like, it is somewhat of a rowdy Aussie chant used at cricket matches( which I’m sure you enjoy), but I couldn’t resist.