Mummy Thinks Colin Firth Is Even More Appealing In His ‘Hello’ Interview…

Dear Colin Firth,

I just have to say, I loved your Hello Magazine interview. I absolutely adore you for saying that you love your wife, and give her all the credit for keeping your beautiful feet( um, they’re probably not as beautiful as I think, are they?) on the ground. It did not surprise me to learn that you are not the self-deprecating, bumbling type at all,  lest it be forgotten though, you are still, just lovely playing the ‘self deprecating’ type.  Anyone mention Bridget Jones to you lately? is a 3rd film in the works at all? did you not think there was something very strange about getting the character ‘Mark Darcy?’  I mean the very idea of playing another ‘Darcy’, – not as proud or very Austen like – still, quite a snotty one initially. Oh all right, I am getting carried away, I usually do when It comes to you… anyway, It’s wonderful to hear that you are quite emotional and love the whole Mediterranean life style, embracing the passionate and vocal living….again I ask… can I visit you ? that comes with it. In fact I would like to see you in that sort of Greek Island look; white shirt, khakis and bare feet, could you to keep it in mind the next time someone takes a photo of you or sends you a script.

Ciao per ora!