Mummy asks Rupert Everett to very kindly ‘not’ comment on Colin Firth

Dear Rupert Everett,

I would like you to kindly not comment on your fellow actor’s talents in a film, esp. if it is a musical. Firstly, it is not easy to sing songs made so famous by ABBA and secondly, it’s a musical for goodness sake. Does it not prove how talented Colin Firth is? you starred with him didn’t you? What a pity, I really did like, not so much now, I’m sure you don’t care a fig that I do, but I would like you to know nevertheless.

Dear Colin,

Yes, I know I switch back and forth don’t I? I like the sound of ‘Dear Colin Firth’ and yet sometimes I feel as though you’re my friend – um,…  although you probably don’t need me to be your friend, do you think we might be someday?

So here’s why I’m writing to you, well er, not that I need an excuse to write to you, I could do that all day If I allowed myself to, right!  moving on then… I read an interview where Rupert Everett- you know him of course?- (  I quite liked him as a talented actor, I also liked you together in ‘The Importance of Being Ernest’ but not anymore – I’m being petty, but I do not want him so holier-than thou!!!) –  claims that you committed “career-cide”  his words exactly, by starring in ‘Mama Mia.’ I think, you showed us you can sing!! and so well too. If Meryl Streep can do it, why not you ? Here’s what I don’t understand.. he goes on to say that ‘A Single Man’ was your best film ever.. oh honestly, not like we didn’t know that, Oscar nomination not good enough for him? besides, who says you are not allowed to test your versatility in this vain, self- indulgent industry, when everyone else sticks to what they’re good at, even if their film is a gross flop. I think you’re awfully brave to extend your limits and sing for all the world to hear.  I feel, I ought to begin an Oscar campaign for ‘The King’s Speech‘ and  You!! maybe if you win, Mr Everett, might want to star in a musical himself, he can sing quite well after all. Why on earth does a fellow Brit want to criticize another fellow, when the community should stand together? The Australians don’t do that  you know… Just ask Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman,  Er, I don’t know them personally…do you know them?

Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family- You will win that Oscar!!  of course..