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So, I began the New Year with the thought that I really have to make meditation my priority. It is not so much a resolution as it is an affirmation or determination if you will. You see, without meditation, I would lose complete focus, and that will not do when my life is er, sort of a  mesh of  running around and stressful activity. I do realize that stress is indeed a state of mind, as is everything else I think and put into action. It is only the first week of the year and my well-being is  top priority now. I firmly believe that I will not be any good as mummy, wife or friend if i don’t take care of the mind and body.

My ‘sittings’ in the quiet serenity of my home thus far have already helped. As much as I did so last year, I think I could do better this year, and again I say: I am always a work in progress- that is my mantra, so there is always room to better myself. My thoughts have been interesting to say the least and the body has responded similarly. Since the holidays those thoughts have been swirling around like teeny pieces of glitter and they just will not settle, so I can “be”- just be! instead they’ve sparkled so much that I keep having to drag the mind back to my point of focus over and over again. However, the meditation on well being, loving kindness or ( to use the more orthodox Buddhist( Pali) term) -Metta has been progressively better. I honestly feel a lift in my day and such positive vibrations from the people I extend this energy to, that I find myself wanting to work on that part of my meditation and not so much on the insight part of it- hmmm, not so good as that is an attachment in the making.

For those of you who want to try the meditation on well being:

Begin by sitting with your back straight, a 5-10 minute focus on breath alone and then a subtle shift into extending love, energy and positive feeling first to yourself ( remember you come first, then you extend to others) in this manner- May I be well, may I be happy, may I be strong, compassionate and kind, may I be free from envy, anger and malice, may I be free from sickness and disease, all dangers, and accidents  – may I be at peace, may I be at peace, may I be at peace!