Mummy loves Colin And Livia Firth For Their Comittment To Our Planet

Dear Colin,

I’ve been reading bits and pieces about how committed you are to protecting our planet and I wanted to say how fantastic you both are for doing your bit. I was so impressed to learn…. not only about your eco-friendly cafes  “Progreso,”  (what a lovely name) both gorgeously placed in two of my most desired (up market and creative) neighborhoods to live i.e. Notting Hill and Covent Garden, but, that you now have a store- ‘Eco Age’- which sells eco- friendly, sustainable products. I was even more impressed to read that Livia, your stunningly beautiful wife re-cycled( if I can even call it that) your moth-eaten suit into a gorgeously stunning dress to wear to the Paris première for the ‘King’s Speech’.  I adore her blog at British Vogue by the way. I think she would look beautiful no matter what she wore ( I’m quite certain you know this already) I love your heart – in a very mummy like way of course – for wanting to protect our precious Earth. I know you’re very humble about your ways, but there’s no questioning how much you actually do as a humanitarian and as a regular person, to make life better for those that need our help. I thank you!!