Mummy Congratulates Colin Firth on His Critics Choice Award…

Dear Colin,

It was fantastic to see you win last night. One award down, a few more to go, for those of us who are counting. You looked handsome and very yummy, oh how beautiful is your wife? Who did you wear? Was it Tom Ford? I know the lovely Livia was in another ‘green’ dress, I have been reading her blog you see – She seems lovely.

You were as humble and as emotional as I imagined you would be. It was so honest of you to say… you sometimes need approval and this borders on the slightly infantile – not many in that set can actually say so. With egos so large, I often wonder how they deal with the loss of an award. I rather think, you’re lucky to be away in Britain or Italy and live as normal a life as possible.  I cannot wait for the Golden Globes….

photo by AP via mail online