Mummy is Thrilled to Bits that Colin Firth won a Golden Globe..

Dear Colin,

Yes I have taken to calling you Colin now, I find it is much easier to do that. You looked splendidly smashing on the red carpet and Livia’s dress was as gorgeous as she. It was a long night, but completely worth it to see you get up there and accept that ‘Golden Globe’ for ‘The King’s Speech just now. How gracious you were, I would advise against the ‘Harley Davidson’ by the way, I’d rather you enjoy life without a bike.  I was incredibly relieved once they called your name for I was virtually holding my breath after seeing the 7 nominations fall through one by one. How could Geoffrey Rush not win? and what about Helena Bonham Carter? I don’t care if her shoes did not match, she is absolutely brilliant. I should hope for more luck at the Academy awards then…   You know, the role of Mr Darcy was such a long time ago and I’m well aware that you prefer it, if people stopped talking about your past roles, but if you go around being so sweet, warm and humble when thanking your lovely, lovely wife.. saying warm and fuzzy things like.. you could live through any age and go through anything, if you had her by your side –  many mummies’ out there will fall in love with you again just for that, forever remembering you as The one and only Darcy..  not just the Jane Austen character, but, a different version of the Darcy you played in the Bridget Jones films. You then, generally run the risk of gaining many, many more admirers being the kind of man you are. Hooray to that I say.

Congratulations!  I can’t wait for the Screen Actors Guild awards and I will be reading Livia’s blog to see what perfectly sustainable threads she might hint at.

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  1. Ahhh sweet dear Colin! I love the way you write about him, with such passion! I do hope Colin sees this blog of yours, fingers crossed..


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