Mummy just saw Colin Firth on ‘Today’…

Dear Colin,

I was just berating morning television for not paying much attention to your film and not talking about your second nomination in a row, when I saw you talking to Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera on the Today show. I am so jolly glad someone decided to applaud you, in fact applaud all of you for your nominations. It’s about time. You were as humble and gracious as ever… I enjoyed Meredith’s offer to clean your Oscar for you, in particular. I did note your slight discomfort at the offer however, but  it was all in jest as you know… for I suspect she is another huge fan. You know, she has talked non- stop about this film and its virtues that it makes me want to mummy hug her . We are all really hoping for genuine recognition for this fantastic film.