Mummy celebrates Colin Firth’s SAG award win and cheers his cast mates….

courtesy of AP

Dear Colin,

You and Geoffrey Rush looked dashing on the red carpet this evening, you seemed  well engaged in an interesting conversation, and as always extremely gracious with everyone around you. You know, as much as I like the tux, I would love to see you in a tie. It makes you look like the proper gentleman you are. Were you in Tom Ford? Anyway, moving right along, I think you were top class today and you know what I appreciate the most about your win?  it is that your peers felt you truly deserved this award and rightly so. Your acceptance speech was humorous and honest, as always not taking yourself  too seriously. It was lovely of you to thank Livia, even though  she was not with you in the room- um, you don’t need my thanks I know, but I speak for all mummies out there.  I loved the joke about your SAG card and how you thought its use could get you into  lots of top places.  I will not jinx your chances at the Oscars by saying, you are now almost certain to win one. The best picture win was nothing less than a fantastic acknowledgement of your most superior cast, although not everyone was present. Love Geoffrey Rush for celebrating the children, who were brilliant in the film. I wish Michael Gambon, Guy Pierce, Derek Jacobi, Timothy Spall and Jennifer Ehle were with you up there – Perhaps they might be, at the Oscars.

courtesy of Associated Press