Mummy loves hearing Colin Firth speak Italian….

Dear Colin,

I had no idea you were so fluent in Italian, then again I’m not in the least bit surprised. It is a beautiful language and of course the lovely Livia is Roman, I’m certain that alone makes it worth learning. I just did not think you could be any more appealing than you are at present – with your kindness, global responsibility and your devotion to Oxfam ( which you do without pomp and glory). But, here you are speaking Italian like it is your second language, accepting awards,( yes, it was a year ago but really, that’s irrelevant) even though you claim it was pidgin Italian and graciously thanking the country for bestowing its glorious food, warmth and awards upon you. I hear you live on the border of Umbria and Tuscany ( I ask again.. can I please visit you) What is that like? do you ever want to come back to England and how could you bear to leave that glorious place? You know what I loved the most about hearing you speak  Italian, it is that you sound so clipped and British normally, then you lapse into Italian and there you are waving your hands, speaking with zest and passion as though you were a native. Does it not make you feel like you want to speak it all the time?

Courtesy of E online