Mummy’s busy mind meditates…..

Have you ever sat down with the intent to  ‘just be’ and then when you sit with that very intention, you are everywhere but centered?. Hmmm, I did exactly this, last week. Honestly, most days I manage to watch my thoughts, and they are pretty challenging thoughts – but on Thursday my mind was buzzing a mile a minute. I could not slow it down. They were random thoughts really, in the manner of…

a.Must DVR Colin Firth’s interview on Piers Morgan tonight b. what should I have for lunch? I’m hungry. c. Must DVR Colin Firth on ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio, d. Must cook interesting dinner for lovely family e. I love my children – may they always be well, happy and healthy. f. must watch my breath – inhale, exhale, watch it move, long breath, short breath, no, no, must not travel anywhere else. g. Oh okay- Colin Firth will win Oscar. h. I am now centered, mind will not wander off, mind is quite normal, mind is watching breath instead. i. must read new book – love reading. j. mind feels better, does not want to run anymore. Would just like to focus on breath. k. Can feel breath, will do it again tomorrow. l. Must get to yoga…. hmmm, must stop now, mind is quite tired from sitting quietly.