Colin Firth is just lovely on ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’…..

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Dear Colin,

This was quite honestly the best interview I have ever seen. It was not a snippet of you saying this and that, or an edited version of  a quick interview which some of these entertainment shows have been doing this award season. It baffles me to no end that you have won best actor at no less than three important award shows and the most anyone will show of you is a clip of you coming out with an award, I suppose they prefer to talk to others instead.  Too intelligent are you? anyway, this was so dignified and filled with humor, that the whole hour was gone before I knew it. James Lipton is amazing.

I never imagined your favorite food  could be creme brulee – have you ever tried a crema Catalan? It is simply yummy. Ugh, I don’t like tripe myself, so no surprise there. I found it enjoyable that your favorite word was  “get”.. as in out of here, a life, or in the car and your least favorite was yeah, no.  I myself have used it now and then, and er, you’re right, it makes no sense at all.  It really appealed to the book worm in me that you read books like the Odyssey at such a young age and that you did not conform to what everyone else wanted for you. It really does come from having a house full of books  doesn’t it?

Ah the famous ‘pond scene’ in Pride and Prejudice, I’m so glad watching it made you smile – you know I love seeing that over and over.  Even though you say your contours were not chiseled and that white shirt did not cling to your tall figure, we saw more. Trick or no trick, transparent or not, it has stuck with us. You did however answer one of my previously asked questions, and that is to say the character of Mark Darcy was sort of created with the original Darcy ( you played) in mind. That role was so well suited to you, and to Helen Fielding’s wonderful modern-day character Bridget Jones. It was clearly a very clever modern interpretation of ‘Mr Darcy’ – I can’t imagine anyone else in those shoes.

You know, I never hear you speak ill of anyone. That is just who you are isn’t it? Not perfect, yet kind and gentle. You’re full of praise for your fellow actors; especially the script writers and directors. I even loved your arrogance in ‘Shakespeare in Love’ – I had forgotten the character… I will be seeing it again. I can’t  help but listen to your version of ‘Our last Summer’ from Mama Mia. Even my children sing along, um, they do on occasion roll their eyes but they love it.  The one thing I loved the most about this interview, is your answer to the question: ‘How much of Colin Firth’ is truly in all of the characters you play?.. and you said something like…. sometimes it is a lot, sometimes it is a little, sometimes you feel that it is all of you. I have often wondered about that with actors. Thank you for being so honest and gracious.


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  1. Now I’ve discovered your blog! The perfect place for me to get my Colin Firth fix. I too enjoyed his performance in Mamma Mia. (It made me sad that this movie got such bad reviews because it was truly a wonderful, uplifting film). Love the photo you’ve used of Colin here. He really is a splendid man.


    • Oh my gosh isn’t he? such a gracious man. His wife is equally lovely. Thank you so much for reading my blog. It really is for all Colin Firth fans. I love that he showed how well he could sing in Mama Mia – who knew right? – what a wonderfully happy movie


    • I have seen it, but I don’t remember him singing – I’ll have to watch it again. I think the only movies I have not see are ‘girl with the pearl earing’ and the St. Trinians lot. Have you seen them?


  2. Have you seen “The Importance of Being Earnest,” which came out years before “Mamma Mia”? Well, he sings in that one too. So I knew he had talents in that department, too. Highly recommend!


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