Colin Firth wins London Films Critics’ Circle Awards….

Colin Firth and Livia Giuggioli attend "London Film Critics' Circle Awards"

photo courtesy.

Dear Colin,

What a fantastic couple of weeks you’ve had. Here we are on the eve of the BAFTAs’  and I am  certain you will win. You’ve just won at the London Films Critics’ Circle Awards – uh, that is such a long name for an award – couldn’t they make it shorter? okay, moving right along, You and Livia make such a lovely pair, she looked like a gorgeous flower in that dress by Scottish eco designer Henrietta Ludgate- yes, I do read her blog.

What’s next? I believe it is only going to get better for you with the culmination of all those awards when we see you at the Oscars in 2 weeks- are you ready to have Oscar winner Colin Firth added to every film you do from now on? I am.

By the way, love your photo in Vanity Fair. You are as dashing as always, with a touch of class. Clothes were immaculately chosen, and er, whoever decided to call you an ‘intellectual heartthrob’ is spot on.