And the BAFTA goes to…..The King’s Speech

Dear Colin,

Congratulations!! that BAFTA is well deserved. Finally an award ceremony that kept things light, funny, and memorable; recognizing ‘The King’s Speech’ for the heavy hitting film it was. I was so so thrilled that Helena Bonham Carter and Geoffrey Rush won for their incredible efforts, not to mention David Seidler who wrote such a powerful screen play and really used his experience as a long-standing stutterer to bring to light Bertie’s struggle. Alexander Desplat won for his beautiful and original music – forgive my repetition, you were there, so you know this already- I  am so happy that a small film such as this, with barely any budget did so well on its home turf.  It is so fantastic that your fellow countrymen and women have gone all out to support you all, I’m not a fellow country woman, but I absolutely loved this film. I went with friends that are huge fans and it was just lovely to be in their company- I mean this film is for intelligent people isn’t it? it is typically  about your relationship with Geoffrey Rush, er, I mean between the characters you play. Nothing too exciting happens really, which is why it is so impressive. I found it  stirring. Usually dialogue heavy films are considered boring, perhaps this is why there was not a lot of publicity for this film at first, thanks to Tom Ford who has been campaigning I hear, it is now considered one of the best films of our time… hooray!!  Although ‘Social Network’ has been on quite the winning streak, I will still take my king, queen and their therapist any day.