Mummy writes to Colin Firth about his interview on Piers Morgan Tonight

Dear Colin,

Thank goodness there were no frantic mob scenes in Egypt tonight, I had my doubts about today’s show though, when I heard Bahrain was in the midst of a violent storm of protests. Your interview has been postponed at least 4 times due to whats been happening in the Middle East –  tis’ not to say a celebrity interview is more important, but this has been much- anticipated in my household and my sweet husband( really is the best man on earth – he has sat with me to watch Bridget Jones & Love Actually countless times) made sure I knew you were on, tonight.  All jokes aside, you know these notes to you are not because I fancy you, but because I truly admire you as a person, it just so happens that your body of work is simply brilliant – regret a few or not. If  I’m being honest, you are truly the person that portrayed Fitzwilliam  Darcy‘s characteristics the best, you actually became him, and there began your appeal. Jane Austen will always remain my favorite author, Pride and Prejudice my favorite book, therefore  anyone doing justice to that extremely proud, unlikable character, showing him to be warm, loving and passionate  through his eyes alone – will always be  a favorite in my heart.

It is just heart warming it is to hear you say that no actress however beautiful could match up to your lovely, lovely wife. She really is stunning I agree. What is appealing, is that you both seem so crazy about each other and that is rare indeed. Don’t ever lose that, er, you probably don’t need me to say so really.   I believe behind every seemingly perfect man is an even more perfect woman. It was just fantastic to see Helena Bonham Carter and Geoffrey Rush so normal and yet so funny. I had presumed that the three of you (clearly) had mutual admiration for each other but to see it in this interview was gratifying. I cannot wait for the Oscars next week.