One more day to the Oscars….

Dear Colin,

Just read Livia’s blog, I’m so impressed by her efforts to not only keep her dress eco friendly but to maintain that responsibility with her accessories, esp. her jewelery, when many others will be dressed in the finest and most expensive adornments. I often wonder if people are aware that the diamonds they wear might possibly be ‘blood diamonds’ or if they even know that child labor is a  fairly common practice in many countries that export gems. I can’t wait to see her dress. I know she will be stunning. I wish all people would take as much pride in wearing up-cycled couture.

You both looked so beautiful together at the opening of ‘Tom Ford’s’ new boutique in Beverly Hills. Did you buy anything? I bet this weekend is fairly hectic for you, lunches, dinners and of course the main event tomorrow. You will win this year. You have to. This is certainly your year. After which it will be forever – Academy award winner Colin Firth. I am really hoping this rumor is true- but are you going to be playing professor Henry Higgins in the re-make of my all time favorite play/film ‘My Fair Lady?  Please tell me you are.  I’ve also just heard that you will be staring with Nicole Kidman in ‘Stoker’? anything to do with Bram Stoker?  Till tomorrow then. Are you nervous?

At the opening of Tom Ford’s boutique

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