Congratulations Colin Firth….

Dear Colin,

Congratulations! congratulations, congratulations!! I can’t say it enough.  What a fantastic night for you, your acceptance speech was perfectly eloquent. I hope you indulged in those dance impulses back stage.  I must admit that I shed a tear when you went up that stage to accept your award.  I was completely ecstatic when David Seidler won for best screen play and it just took off from there didn’t it? whilst disappointed for Helena and Geoffrey Rush, it was simply fantastic to see the film win best director and best film, I wanted to thank the academy myself, even though I am not anyone special really. What did it feel like for you? was it surreal? I imagine you are never ready for this award. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say after it has all sunk in a bit. It was perhaps a sign of things to come when I found myself watching ‘Love Actually’ on t.v last night, I hope you and Livia enjoy every moment of tonight. So happy for you and the rest of the cast.  Colin Firth (left) and Tom Hooper


3 thoughts on “Congratulations Colin Firth….

  1. Well said! Thank you for posting so quickly!

    He was so gracious in accepting the award, and I did notice his eyes get teary for a moment. So properly British, he had to wait until he was out of camera sight, to do his little dance, perhaps a jig. I was truly, truly, truly so happy for him.


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