Mummy has more to say to Colin Firth…..

Dear Colin,

Firstly, I have to say reading Livia’s blog and following her green carpet challenge has been fantastic. I just saw the new photos of her in this beautiful, King’s Speech era dress which was stunning. The red carpet did not do it any justice.  To see you helping her with her dress was even more touching, you looked arresting in your Tom Ford tux by the way – I loved those informal photos.  I think I like her almost as much as I like you. There was one black and white photo of Livia that took my breath away. I had to write back quickly, even though I am in the midst of  prepping for my sweetheart’s birthday (dinner) tonight, to tell you that I saw you on Oprah –  Yes!! I will watch her if you are on,  but really, I have to comment on the lovely lovely thing you did for Geoffrey Rush on the red carpet which makes it quite clear that you are well and truly a nice man with nice manners and a lot of kindness to go with it. How wonderful of you to give him that  shilling of King George VI from 1946, he seems like a very calm man but it was quite apparent that he was moved by what you did. I don’t have a reliable source but apparently Prince Charles sent you a letter and I know you like to keep mum about things like that, but we’re all aware of how much he loved his granny so I’m quite certain, that letter would have made your day. Did Helena Bonham Carter really receive a note from the queen as well? she played her mummy after all, how lovely to be recognized by the royal family, although I wish reporters would stop asking you if you are invited to the royal wedding.  You are very patient with questions like that.

I am so peeved that hardly anyone except ABC stopped to speak with you and Livia at the Oscars, although I imagine the Brits were on top of that. I really wanted to hear more about her up-cycled dress and your environmentally friendly tux. It seemed like the night had not ended for you, did you get any sleep at all? I hope the year continues to bring you many great projects and I am so excited to see you later this year in the cold war era film Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy.

Colin Firth. Progenitor of a million female fantasies in a wet white shirt and breeches, political activist, faithful spouse and, now, Oscar winner.