Hello Colin…

Dear Colin,

How are you now that all the Oscar mayhem has died down?… It is somewhat difficult to imagine and yet not so,at the same time to read about your life back home and how you’re now back to taking the garbage bins out at home and doing the school run in the mornings. Difficult because In my most deluded moments I  think of you as a very privileged king or quite often imagine you in 19th century Pemberly, strutting along with your dogs, although that’s a little bit silly of me isn’t it? when you’re just a regular person like the rest of us.. Not!! you are now a regular person with an “Oscar.”

I know of no other person who gives us ordinary mummies a glimpse into the pre- Oscar parties and post- Oscar celebrations except Livia. I loved her photos of the jewelery on the floor of your hotel room, I can only imagine what fun it must have been for all the girls to gather there. What do you do at this time? Also love seeing them digging into that ‘Divine’ chocolate – it really is one of the best fair trade chocolates out there, have you tried ‘Theo’? it is equally good and as fair trade as they come. Oh and I loved Livia’s post- Oscar outfit before you headed off to the Madonna party for more dancing, didn’t even know Madonna had a party going? Did you enjoy the Vanity Fair soiree? no wonder you looked tired on Oprah.