Colin Firth in ‘Hello’ Magazine after the Oscars…

Dear Colin,

I know this is a bit late in the day really.. but it’s not my fault,  I have been waiting for ‘Hello’ to come up with this post Oscar issue for a couple of weeks now and apparently this was the year for it to be sold out… My beloved – bless his heart- was recruited to go on the search for this much- needed issue, when my own endeavors failed and I happened to irritate the lady at the bookstore with my rather persistent questioning. Well, no surprise there, you were clearly going to be celebrated and as I had hoped, there you are on the cover, and inside, with that lovely golden accessory and Livia on your arm. This, by the way is the first time ( even with the photos from Livia’s blog) that I saw her gorgeous dress. It really is an amazing piece of work. A large cheer from me to Hello magazine for celebrating her beautiful up-cycled dress.

So, how lovely are you.. I mean, I know you’re lovely.. but to read that you were passing out your statue to all the people who wanted a photo with it, ( er, why didn’t they want a photo with you?)  toasting everyone in the film and dancing the night away with Livia,  made me realize just how unassuming you are. I love that you’re hoping to wind down with cooking.. I can’t imagine anyone would want to run away from your meals.. were you being modest there? I would love to visit,  and If you’d like, I could also bring a few mummy fans with me.