Colin Firth In Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy….

Dear Colin,

John Le Carre and his books have been in my family for years. I never read him but my  father and brother did. It has taken me a while to come around to reading them but I have that extra bit of motivation now  I know you’re a huge part of the film playing Taylor( Bill Haydon). I’ve booked my out of stock copy of the book already. What a  fantastic role for Gary Oldman,  I think it  is brilliant the mantle of George Smiley is being handed over after Sir Alec Guinness played him. I love him as an actor, think he’s  quite brilliant really. What a cast you have, I bet you feel honored. Oh and I wouldn’t worry about getting a few wrinkles, they suit you. As much as we loved Darcy, you belong in this era, taking on these plum, meaty roles. Er, your older self that is.

2 thoughts on “Colin Firth In Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy….

  1. I had no idea Colin is to be in this new film. Any idea when it’s coming out? Thanks, btw, for keeping me abreast of all that is Colin Firth. I so appreciate it! 😉


    • I’m pretty sure it’s at the end of the year, not confirmed though. You’re welcome, I wish there was more, but with award season over, there’s not a lot going on… sigh!!


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