Good on you Colin Firth….

Local citizens from the Janabi Village wait th...

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Dear Colin,

How fantastic are you and Livia? what a wonderful night it must have been for all of you that helped raise over two hundred thousand pounds for the Oxfam charity auction. I know you’re quite involved with the organization and I think it is wonderful when you lend your name to a cause that helps poverty-stricken communities all over the world. I love Annie Lenox and her music, so it’s a  lovely gesture on her part to sing songs chosen by the audience, which without a doubt would’ve brought in some more funds. I also think Rupert Friend is quite brilliant, loved him as Prince Albert in ‘Young Victoria’.

Just wanted to say, I’m so proud of you for donating items to the auction and especially Livia for getting in there and being so involved, and even wearing something she got from the Oxfam store that day. Thank goodness you are both so normal.