King’s Speech in a PG13 release…

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Dear Colin,
I can’t quite imagine a re-release of ‘The King’s Speech’ as a PG 13 film, what is the Weinstein company thinking really? I mean part of your character’s therapy is to let it all out isn’t it? it is certainly going to be strange to have that part edited for a younger audience.. Er, not that I like swearing-in any form, but coming from you it just seemed appropriate.

2 thoughts on “King’s Speech in a PG13 release…

  1. That’s weird. I hadn’t heard that, but I suppose they’re doing that so it can be used as an educational resource for kids? I’ve pre-ordered my DVD so I hope I get the one that was released in theaters.


    • Isn’t it? It’s not a bad idea but changing things around is sort of strange. I’ve pre-ordered mine too, I really hope it is the one I saw at the cinema 🙂


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