Colin Firth Explores Biology… What On Earth?

Dear Colin,

Okay, I understand how disillusioned you are with the ‘Liberal Democrats’, you have certainly made no secret of that, and clearly you have a point too. Whilst I am not going to ramble on about those lovely points..- although rambling on about anything intelligent you do gives me unending joy- I find it fascinating that you are now published in the ‘Biology Current.’  Yes, I am truly fascinated!

I thought it quite funny that you had commissioned this study on comparing different MRI scans of  liberal and conservative politicians to see if political inclinations are just influenced or already something the brain sort of tells you to do.. Um, not sure If I got this whole study right, but that’s how I understood it.. phew! All I can say is .. were you taking the mickey out of these people or were you seriously after such information?

Helena Bonham Carter and Colin Firth



2 thoughts on “Colin Firth Explores Biology… What On Earth?

  1. Wait. Colin Firth is disillusioned with the Liberal Democrats? I haven’t heard this. Can you include the link? I’d love to find out more about this. Thanks for keeping us informed on the best actor in cinema today!


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