Mummy loved Colin Firth in ‘A Summer in Genoa’

Dear Colin,

A Summer in Genoa was finally released on dvd- hmm, about time really. As tired as I am on a Friday night, nothing was going to stop me from watching it. I did not expect it to make me cry or get in a panic or make my heart beat that much faster every time the two beautiful girls who play your daughters got into any sort of strife. I think anytime I see you in the role of a parent, I imagine I’m seeing what you might be like with your boys. This was a pretty hands on role wasn’t it? your grief and pain were so palpable and as it were, I experienced a huge part of this film. I found it interesting that you say Michael Winterbottom did not use the words ‘cut’ and ‘action’.. when directing you. How is that to work with?

The girls were gorgeous, were they English? I didn’t particularly enjoy the color of the film, I think Genoa could have used a brighter tint, but then again it seemed very real, very crowded and ahem, those smells the girls complained about.. yes! I could probably smell them.  As a mummy, this film appealed to me and scared me on so many levels, esp. that I could relate to all of it. I could see it in my future, which sent me into a blind panic, although I doubt my husband would take a year off to go and live in another country- I wonder if I could suggest such a thing without him looking at me as though I’m completely insane. Only you could do it and actually look as relaxed as a regular Genovese might, er although pretending you don’t speak any Italian didn’t convince me I’m afraid – not really a criticism, just that I know you speak it quite well, and I’ve just watched you do a series of interviews in Italian – so lovely.

I love these roles that you take on with the British film industry that aren’t particularly big budget. You should mix it up as much as possible, um, not that my opinion counts at all really.. I just like telling you that because you really are excellent at what you do.

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