Resurrection by Tucker Malarkey….

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I enjoyed ‘Resurrection’ by Tucker Malarkey in that very feminine, ooooh love me a good European themed book type of way and I could not put it down. I didn’t expect it to be good but It was. It sort of grabs your attention not in the immediate sense of the word however, but as the book progresses, you sort of get the feeling that you’re well and truly involved. If you love Dan Brown, this is not for you for you will scoff at it, but if there is a need for something a wee bit exciting and milder, written for women with a womanly story behind it, you might enjoy it. There is none of that suspense or heart stopping tension, instead it is a story about finding love, about resurrecting that love through a discovery that threatens the very core of your belief system.The main idea of the plot is if  Mary Magdalene existed and if she was indeed a regular companion to Christ.  There is no huge revelation to speak of.  The Characters are bit wishy-washy although there are at least two strong types which I could perhaps relate to. The backdrop is amazing, the language is easy, well written and not too flimsy. It did do this for me: a. aroused my curiosity about Mary Magdalene, b. Made me want to see this stunning image of the penitent  Mary Magdalene in the gallery of Milan and c. got me thinking that I must see the ‘Louvre’ not as a tourist, but as a monument that could speak to me on different levels.