Mummy’s Newest British Obsession…

I am delighted to be obsessing about anything British in general, I don’t know why really, this sort of behavior borders on the extreme, except, that I obsessively court anything ( food, language, shoes) from Greece, Italy and Spain more. Seriously. I might have mentioned before that I believe I have lived in the Mediterranean in my past. Anyway, moving right along.. anyone who knows me is extremely aware of my unending and rather joyous admiration of Colin Firth, Jane Austen and Duran and Duran( Yes, I love Duran Duran). But, I am now preparing for the Royal wedding in my house and my children think I have lost a few marbles, well… my eldest anyway – who rolls her eyes on cue these days. My youngest, is ready to wear her best dress and watch the wedding with me . We will be having a pot of tea, some scones and perhaps a few other treats. I have no glorious hat to wear, but I will be up bright and early.

I loved the Tudor period, although I think Henry VIII was the most horrid (unless it is Johnathan Rhys Myers in the Tudors) understand the Windsors better, love the story of Victoria and Albert and I cannot wait to see who designed Kate Middleton’s wedding gown, it is, as you all know, likely to be a stunning creation. I love the young man William has turned out to be (Diana would have been so proud her children) and sincerely hope they make it work on their terms. Truly, this has to be ‘ Happily Ever After’..don’t you think?



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  1. I would have loved to have watched it with you! I thought Kate was breathtaking and the wedding beautiful. I miss you! I will be in town on June 2, maybe we can see one another!


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