Colin Firth Makes Time 100 List….

Dear Colin,

Love Helen Mirren. How could I not? she played your daughter ‘the queen’ after all.  All jokes aside though, I think Helen is just a brilliant actress – not that ‘brilliant’ is really an all – encompassing word. More to the point, I love her for saying such wonderful things about you in that significant little piece she wrote for Time’s 100 list 2011. Lovely words really, what I liked the most was how truthful they were. I especially liked how she implied a juxtaposition of you the celebrity and you the humanitarian, and how you listen to each other – so insightful.  Clearly, this is what we all see in you.  Those kind eyes she mentions, they definitely had me when you played Darcy( and I knew nothing about you back then) – I’m guessing this is why your role as the enigmatic Darcy is so popular.

It is nothing new that you are considerate, humane, and conscientious about the world and the poverty that surrounds it, but when Helen says you  bring that sense of vulnerability to your roles, I really think that is what is so appealing about you and your acting.  I see this when you talk about Livia in interviews, you seem to be from a very different era; a much kinder and gentler time, a very genteel man really, and is it any wonder then that you are much-loved ? If, by lending your name to very important causes, you make even the slightest difference, you completely deserve to be one of Time Magazine’s most influential. You have certainly created a platform for dialogue between many, many mummy-fans, and that alone is very important.

Colin Firth

photo courtesy Peter Hapak For Time Magazine,28804,2066367_2066369_2066448,00.html