Watching ‘The King’s Speech’ Again..

Dear Colin,

With the royal wedding going on, I felt it was appropriate to watch ‘the film again. I have to say you and Geoffrey Rush give the most extraordinary performance. I now understand all your jokes about the bro-mance and why Helena said she felt insignificant around the two of you. In a way it was a pas de deux  wasn’t it? back and forth, higher and lower, it went, It’s no wonder the relationship extended into your real lives. Kind of strange to think of you both texting each other, I  suppose it’s because I expect you to be from that era rather than this. I really, really enjoyed it this time. I just wanted to tell you that. I saw things I didn’t perhaps observe the first time around because I was too enthralled by you and the whole performance  aspect of  it. I mean really, who wouldn’t be enthralled by you? well, er, you might sort of dispute that….For example, I didn’t notice how ridiculous those marbles looked in your mouth, and yet, to see you struggle with it was incredible.  I watched you swallow,lurch and gurgle sort of.. trying to get your words out and you know, to be able to bring to light this very serious issue suffered silently by millions made it all the more beautiful. I loved that little boy who came out to greet you at your first appointment with Lionel,  that was a pretty good scene for you, because your eyes reflected a thought – a single thought, that this little boy suffers from the same affliction as you. Pretty impressive that we could actually see it. There was a lot more warmth between you and Helena than I saw previously and it was nice. You don’t expect to see as much with the real royals but then again, they’re human aren’t they? I didn’t pay as much attention to David ( Guy Pierce), but he played up that love affair between Wallis and himself rather well. I also thought the costumes were incredible.

Have you been cooking much? do you usually make a mess or are you very methodical? is it nice to be winding down with your family after all the hullabaloo? Not much pressure next year is there? lots of questions.. sorry about that. Well, we will see you again, but this time you will be presenting. It will be such a pleasure. Wish I could see you in films throughout the year, um, actually, wish I could live next door.

4 thoughts on “Watching ‘The King’s Speech’ Again..

  1. Colin Firth was brilliant in this film. Kudos, too, to Helena Bonham Carter. Thank you for reminding me what a treasure this film is. I recently purchased the blu-ray version and plan to watch this weekend. Can’t wait!


  2. You write such lovely posts…its like almost hearing a person think out aloud…some very nice thoughts. Does it bother you that Colin Firth never replies? 🙂


    • Thank you for the lovely comments. I really enjoy writing to Colin Firth and just writing in general. I don’t expect him to even see this, imagine that? 🙂 it all started out in jest and sort of took a life of its own as my thoughts collected into these letters.


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