Mummy congratulates Colin Firth on his CBE from the Queen…

Dear Colin,

I realize George Bernard Shaw might just roll over in his grave at this, and yet, I would like to use those immortal words by Henry Higgins from ‘My Fair Lady’ and say: by George, I think you’ve done it, you’ve really, really done it.  Okay, so there is a slight amendment to these words, but you get the gist. How proud I am of you – er, not that it means anything of course.  Just that the queen has seen ‘The King’s Speech’ and you have now been awarded the Commander of the order of the British Empire – um, quite a mouthful for an award, what an honor I say. I wonder though, is this something that pleases you? do you think that it is a true recognition of  your work?  I just feel that this film and your work ought to go down in cinematic history as just brilliant. I don’t care a lark what people say, if you have the queen’s stamp of approval in any way ( after all it was her father you portrayed) clearly, you really have done yourself proud. Personally, I feel that  ‘Sir Colin’ sounds a bit better than Colin Firth CBE.  Although, I imagine after this, you are well on your way to knighthood.

By the way I heard you dined with her majesty.. what did she say?

I have been away on holiday with my family; we traveled to gorgeous South East Asia, which is why I have not written in a long while. To get back to this wonderful bit of news was quite lovely.  Is this a formal ceremony?   You and Livia are sure to have a  fantastic time. Congratulations!

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