Aren’t you just a lovely person Colin Firth?

Dear Colin,

I just saw a video clip of you taking your Oscar over to Ellen’s morning meeting, to surprise her. Aren’t you just a lovely man? You are such a brilliant thespian and just as nice as they come. You set many hearts a flutter in that room, it was fairly obvious, and those poor visitors doing a tour around the lot would have never expected you to come sailing out the door with Ellen. I would have been floored to see you there. I loved seeing you sort of carry Oscar all over the place, um, you mentioned being on the way to the airport, so it made your gesture to stop by and say hello even more kind. I loved how you had a special pair of Ellen’s underpants for your Oscar, the thing is I think Ellen is just a lovely, funny person too. Don’t you think so? I do think you aren’t into the pretentious lot, which is why you and Ellen seem to get along so well. This clip is just fantastic. Thought I should tell you that!