Colin Firth is hilarious in St. Trinians…

Dear Colin,

How are you? are you well? how is your Summer? What is your opinion on the current unrest plaguing Britain? Ooooh I just sounded like I was interviewing you for an extremely important news based – er not. It is devastating to see the footage. Is it really due to a rise in class distinction and the marginalization of certain groups of youth as some are reporting or is it racially motivated?

Well, I  finally caught up on my film watching and saw the first installment of  St. Trinians- I don’t know why it took me this long, but oh what joy it brought me. I didn’t expect such a funny, witty little film, then again, the British have the best sense of humor don’t they?  No, I have not watched ‘ The Legend of Fritton’s gold yet, but if it is anything like the first one, I can’t wait. I have many, many things to say about this Film and I don’t know where to begin… The spoofs were brilliant, not to mention your character – a very proper gentleman, slightly repressed, extremely handsome and er clearly playing somewhat of a bad boy, which is extremely good for those of us who admire your um, talent. Brilliant on the ‘wet shirt ‘spoof… of course no one can play Mr Darcy in the white shirt after the  pond scene in Pride and Prejudice quite like you, to see you striding, mmm, definitely striding ( loved the corny music too) in the same aloof  manner, with yet another wet white shirt was just excellent, yes! really excellent. I hope to see that again.  I did love that the girls got the better of your minister character and dumped you in water, was it cold water?

Do tell me about having to almost kiss Rupert Everet. I bet his real teeth are perfectly lovely, however, as headmistress, the teeth were – mmm, how shall I put it delicately.. rather off-putting. I loved that he was able to play a woman and a man so well. He does have very nice legs in a skirt by the way. Oh and Gemma Arteton is quite lovely. She played quite a modern Lizzie  in ‘Lost in Austen.’ I did not like the Darcy in that at all, but as I keep telling you, how does one compare any other actor taking on the role of Darcy to you? I’m not intending to flatter you, oh well, perhaps a little.. I particularly liked the reference to ‘ Colin Firth’ in the film as if he was someone else, and all the while, there you are playing a minister caught with ants in your pants – um, quite literally.

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