Colin Firth says we might see a third Bridget Jones’s Diary…


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Dear Colin,

I have been reading this bit of news everywhere, and if  indeed Helen Fielding is writing her third book, is it time to make this film a reality? I don’t know, I’m likely to think that it was perhaps slightly tongue in-cheek when you mentioned some sort of a plot, for I have also read that you have not signed on to do the film, neither has Hugh. So where does that leave us?  Any joy I might feel about this project coming to life is on hold until there is a tangible word that everyone is officially on.  Oh but I hope you do decide to do it.

The plot sounds delicious : you and Bridget, um sorry, I mean Mark and Bridget try to have a baby,  that does not work, she goes back to Daniel Cleaver – silly Bridget, and he dumps her when she becomes pregnant – of course he does. Mark being a gentle sort, takes her back and they live happily ever after or do they? Mmmm lovely, but realistically, how far can this story go? I sincerely hope there is a bit more to it than that. Has Fielding talked to you about the book?  is it similar to the details you have sort of let slip? Do let me know, that would be perfectly alright, I won’t tell anyone.

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  1. I think Colin really shines in the Bridget movies, but I’m also thinking that this cast has gotten quite older since the last film. I don’t want them to go down the same path as Sex and the City 2. We know how badly that turned out. That is my number one concern about this, whether it’s real or not. And that storyline, I would feel Bridget had learned nothing if she goes back to Daniel Cleaver for even one minute!


    • I feel the same way, apparently Colin had let all of this slip at some interview, but who knows, it might have been very tongue in-cheek because people ask him this question all the time. I also read that Renee has refused to gain weight again. Oh gosh, no I really hope it doesn’t take the Sex and The City 2 route.. imagine that. I hope it’s a bit of a more grown up story line really, I don’t know how many times Mark can take Bridget back either 🙂 I’m interested to know if the author is writing this 3rd book along the same lines..


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