Colin and Livia Firth are beautiful together in Venice…

Dear Colin,

Livia looked amazing on the red carpet. I adored her dress and was so impressed when I learned that she had designed it herself. I peeked In at her blog to see what materials she had used,  of course they are up-cycled and sustainable but I was mostly interested in the combinations of Angora and silver satin along with the emeralds and heels to match – sorry I’m going on a bit. She looked so  doll-like. Well, needless to say.. you looked amazing, ever the dashing gentleman. It was so lovely that many of the cast had brought along their significant others.  I can’t wait for this film. I have said it before and I say it again, it seems to me that you were  a part of an incredible ensemble.

So, um, I just read a book titled ‘Mr Darcy Presents his Bride’.. now allow me to preface this by saying, there is absolutely no one out there that is comparable to Jane Austen, as such, it is virtually impossible to write a sequel to a novel such as Pride and Prejudice. However, as I read this book, I was so taken with the story when everything I had previously imagined about Lizzy and Darcy’s relationship was presented in a most readable manner. It allowed those of us who are eternal Austen fans to  have this glimpse into life at Pemberly- Okay, why am I telling you this..  that’s what you’re asking me, am I right? Well, as I was reading it, I only saw you play this older Darcy and Jennifer Ehle  in the role of Lizzy. I think It will always be you, if Darcy is to come to life as a much older man. Having said that, of course it would be horribly wrong to do a sequel to Pride and Prejudice.  I recently read that you portrayed Darcy as someone completely and utterly in love with Lizzy, wanting to run to her and take her into your arms, but unable to do so, you directed all of that emotion through your eyes. So I ask again.. is it any wonder we cannot let that image of you go?