I wish you would pop around to tea with me Colin Firth…

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photo courtesy: http://www.express.co.uk

Dear Colin,

How are you keeping? I am quite well, thanks er, I read the  most interesting story about your Oscar and how your sons sort of use it as sort of a traveling play thing. It’s lovely that you even allow it.  I also loved that you didn’t seem to mind showing Oscar off for a while and even had him visit with as many people who wanted to see him. You can show off at any time, you know, um, that’s just my opinion. Here’s what I like about you: you are so incredibly down to earth, I find it refreshing  that you believe no one would tolerate your Oscar glory for too long- I don’t think anyone would mind it – but I really do like that you don’t take yourself so seriously.  I’m writing because I heard you were just lovely to pop around for a secret tea with 92 yr old POW Eric Lomax. I wish you would pop around to tea with me, I could make cucumber sandwiches, do you like those?  or perhaps I could even make some scones with orange bits and cranberries, and little tartlets  or cakes. There would be so much I would want to say but I might be a little tongue-tied at first, is that all right? and um, you would be your lovely self of course. All right moving right out of that fantasy then…

What a journey this gentleman has had; from having his arms broken by the Japanese, to being beaten and tortured consistently whilst he was their prisoner. I loved the film the Bridge over River Kwai, but to read… it was that precise location he chose to meet with  the person he hated the most – his Japanese interrogator – and then forgave him so they could be friends, makes his story remarkable and his character incredible. I am just thrilled to bits yet again that you are going to be playing him in ‘The Railway Man.’ I have no doubt you will make him proud, I do understand why you won’t be doing the prison bits though. I  think your character choices of late, really reflect where you are in life and who you are as an actor.  Truly brilliant, that’s what you are.