Dear Colin Firth, please don’t take on a film about Amanda Knox…

Dear Colin,

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I was extremely distressed to hear that you’re sort of entertaining the idea about taking on a role as a British investigative journalist in a film about Amanda Knox. Even if Michael Winterbottom is set to direct, I really, really wish you wouldn’t do it. I know you live close to Perugia where Knox was said to have shared a cottage with the victim and I’m positive it is your familiarity with the area, as well as the sensational-izing of the whole acquittal and no doubt the media’s biased role in the trial that has prompted this role, and you know I adore everything you do. Um, I just suppose I could take heart with the fact that you would not only co-write this film but that the film would focus more on journalistic integrity  than on Knox herself. Even without adequate forensic evidence, and Knox and her boyfriend in the clear, it would be the sort of film that gives me the heeby jeebies. Well, that’s really all I wanted to say about it. I will of course watch it regardless.



  1. I agree with you. Colin in a film about Amanda Knox sounds tacky. I hope he doesn’t get involved. We’ll see, I guess.


    1. Oh gosh, I can’t tell you how disappointed I am. If he’s writing or co-writing the script, I’m hoping he won’t focus too much on Knox. I don’t know what he’s thinking, I love most of his roles and choices, don’t you?


  2. Christa says:

    Colin is widely known for his passion for justice as well as his disdain for anti-Americanism. I can very easily guess his position on this case where it was the journalists, the likes of Barbie Nadeau, who biased the first jury so much that the guilty verdict was based on zero evidence (actually forensic evidence exonerated both Knox and her boyfriend) but a huge amount of character assasination and anti-Americanism. (I am a European myself, by the way, and tended to be fairly anti-American until, as a Firth fan, I read about his views on the subject and gave the matter a rethink). I can even understand that Europeans’ dislike the girl with her “all-American” grin but this is NO grounds for a guilty verdict in a murder trial. So if Firth co-writes the script it will be about greedy and unscrupulous journalists vastly contributing to a travesty of justice during the first trial and the years since, up to the acquittal (which, incidentally, has been far less sensationalised than the original verdict was). Journalists sullying public opinion and thereby prejudicing the jury is a subject whose treatment in a film is long long overdue. I hope Firth will undertake the job, particularly now that his beloved Italy has vindicated itself.


    1. Whilst I think the team of Winterbottom and Firth are fabulous, and I completely agree that Colin’s unwavering fight for justice, his involvement in politics and passion for Italy will no doubt shape the writing of this script, I love that his current choice of roles are wide and varied with just the right elements of drama and comedy. He really seems to have cemented his individuality and personality in all of his roles and yes, of course, perhaps it is his right to mix it up a little with this sort of role given that he feels so passionately about anti-American sentiments. I actually love that about him. It is just that I would much rather see him play a character that shows-off the brilliance of his craft rather than one that would focus on unscrupulous journalists. I thank you for commenting on my blog, it is lovely when someone challenges my thinking, for I looked at it from a very superficial point of view.


      1. Christa says:

        I admit my comment was a bit heated. You may not believe it but I actually did not know anything at all about the Knox case till I read about the rumours that Colin might be making a film about it. I then just browsed the Internet, including the article in Wikipedia (greatly changed by now, I understand), and came away with a feeling that people are either passionately for the original verdict or passionately against it, and that the passions have been fuelled by journalists. I caught some of the passion myself.
        As for the film, it is all rumours at the moment, anyway. There was only one, dubious, source that said Colin would be playing a journalist fighting for the exoneration of Knox and Sollecito. Which could be made into a fairly interesting role, especially if the journalist also has doubts himself (as some of the pro-innocence bloggers had). However, Hollywood will probably make a simplified melodramatic movie now, where neither Winterbottom nor Firth would be welcome. Personally, however, I am far more concerned about the Railwayman, since I cannot at all see how a story of a man seeking justified revenge and finally accepting an apology can be more than one-dimensional, and how the mixture of drama and comedy that you so rightly point out are the hallmarks of Firth’s best roles can be realised in such a context. But let’s wait and see…
        And thank you for having such an interesting blog, I’ve bookmarked it! I comment very rarely, only if a post is really exciting:)


  3. Christa says:

    Wow, browsed a little bit in the Internet, Daily Mail actually published a story about how Amanda and Raffaele had “lost the appeal” complete with quotes from the prosecution and Meredith’s parents and the detail that the two “murderers” will be placed on suicide watch! So even if the verdict had gone the other way and they had got this correct, they would still have published prefabricated non-existent quotes! That’s journalistic ethics for you! As I said, a film about how much harm journalists can and do cause and how totally lacking in morals many of them are is long LONG overdue. I do hope Winterbottom and Colin Firth will make the film!


  4. san says:

    I am heavily opposed to Colin Firth taking in this role as well. He is a truly remarkable actor that has taken on so many diverse roles in his wonderfully long career.As brave as he is to tackle controvertial subjects, i feel it is best to keep his reputation intact without stooping to murder trials that no one still knows “who dun it”. Will there be protestors at the premiere? why be subject to all that and speculation on whose side he is on.
    Will he be acting as Micheal Jacksons doctor next? or Casey Anthony’s father? Ofcourse he is free to do what he wants….just saying. Bite into a good role but stay our of controversy!


  5. Basia says:

    If he wants to take on a decent role, he should be Frank Sfarzo, the Italian blogger who was persecuted by Mignini for writing “Perugia Shock” and was convinced of their innocence early on. Now that would be a true hero to portray. Sorry to say, but it seems like any British reporter reporting on this story was a bottomfeeder. Colin Firth does not come to mind playing a bottomfeeder.


    1. I agree, he does not come to mind at all as a bottom feeder, although I think any role Colin would take on, would be handled with integrity. Since he is part of the script writing process, It will be interesting to see how well it is all handled.


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