Lovely to have you in North Carolina Colin Firth…

Dear Colin,

How are you? how do you like coming back to Wilmington?  I love the premise of this film and I adore Emily Blunt, she is utterly beautiful. The last film I watched with Emily was ‘The Adjustment Bureau,’ and even though it was on a tiny screen miles and miles away from home, I loved her performance. Oh, and Anne Heche plays your wife? – really? interesting choice there. So, on to this new role then… ‘Arthur Newman, Golf Pro’  what does that mean? are you a professional golf player then? – um, somehow I can’t see you as a man who plays golf, did you have to learn for the film?  well, cricket maybe( have I told you how much I love cricket?) or even soccer. Anyway… I read that in this film,you pretend to be dead so you can leave your past behind and start over… hmmm… you then meet Blunt’s character – I already love that she is troubled and wants to run away as badly as you – is there some sort of a relationship between you? How delightful that would be.  Then you break into homes and um, indulge in a bit of identity theft… er, quite interesting, that.  Lucky people of North Carolina, they get to see you work. Wish I was there.


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  1. it seems to me that the plot of “Arthur Newman golf pro” took the cue from corean director ki-duk-kim’s film “3-Iron”


  2. It is WONDERFUL to have Colin so nearby here in NC. Lucky me got my picture taken with him and have seen him many times now at different shoots.


  3. I thought he was extremely gracious and easily as nice as people say!! When I told him I had loved him in The King’s Speech and had seen it three times, I got a big smile and a thank you. He was chatting with the local teenagers who had happened upon the filming and wanted his autograph. I can’t believe he wasn’t exhausted and looking forward to a night of shooting at another site. On another evening, I was watching as he was chatting with the crew in a very animated fashion — we were across the street and could hear his voice and see his arms waving! Seems like someone you would really like to have as a next door neighbor! Meeting him has made me realize even more what a fantastic well trained actor he is — he is so different from his on screen persona.


    • Isn’t he just delightful? I really do think what you see is what you get with him. I love that he is so influenced by Italy, his way of talking with arms waving everywhere makes him seem so much like one of us, rather than a classically trained actor. Imagine having him as a neighbor. I bet he would have no peace, either that, or we would all be so used to it, it would be just wonderful. No, you know, I get the feeling he is slightly different from the person he appears to be on screen – extremely down to earth. I added your blog address to my most recent post about Colin Firth and I hope you get many more readers that way.


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