Lovely, Lovely Colin Firth…

Dear Colin,

After I wrote to you about being  in North Carolina, a lovely reader by the name of Beth stopped by to tell me how gracious and charming you really are. You see, she had met you, and taken many photos of you filming Arthur Newman Golf Pro with Emily Blunt. You look wonderful by the way. It can’t be easy to be away from your family, do you fly back often?  Sorry, er, I was getting carried away  what I really wanted to say was that after she had mentioned how long she waited  to see you, I was so impressed that you had obliged, even though you were filming very late into the night. Not many actors would. I think it is so lovely of you to take the time to meet your fans even if you’re exhausted,  this shows that you appreciate how long they have been waiting to see you as well.

Um, I’m adding her blog so all my friends get to see you doing what you do best, um, actually you wear many hats I know.. but you know what I mean, oh and this is apart from looking lovely with a fan of course.


  1. Beth is so incredibly lucky! I love the photo of Colin with her. He looks so natural, comfortable to be taking a photograph with a fan. OMG, do you think that could ever happen to us? What I’d give for that. Makes me want to watch Pride and Prejudice all over again. Sigh.


    1. I thought she was so lucky too. Didn’t Colin just looked like himself…. his charming, lovely self. Imagine if it happened to us???? I would be absolutely tongue-tied. Mmmm, me too, maybe I’ll watch Pride and Prejudice this wkend… ahhhh! what a lovely person he must be.


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