Colin and Livia Firth on the red carpet again… how lovely

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Dear Colin,

Happy New Year! I know you are traveling again between Burma, Thailand and the UK for Railway Man. It sounds like such an exciting role to play. What do you think? Might we see you on the red carpet again next year? I have just read and watched ‘The Girl With the Pearl Earring’ and I have much to say… well um, you probably knew that, about ‘the much to say’ part that is…  Oh er yes, right, moving on to the red carpet then, I bet you are a bit more relaxed this year, not that you weren’t last year but you um, had quite a lot going on didn’t you, we all knew you would win, even though you were your lovely humble self when you did. I am however most excited about Livia’s dress. I understand from her blog that she will be wearing Armani at Sunday’s Golden Globes and not just a regular Armani – oh dear, I have just committed a  fashion crime haven’t I? by saying the horrid words ‘regular Armani,’ Let me say it properly then, Giorgio Armani is never just regular, he is fashion divinity, what I mean is that, she will be wearing a “green” Armani and I think it is just brilliant she has challenged all these well-known designers to make her environmentally conscious dresses this year. What a wonderful statement for sustainable fashion. It took them three years to come around, is that right? but it is worth the wait I think.  I am excited to see you as always, but a dress, an eco friendly dress, makes me very excited because I want to see what they come up with and I bet it will not disappoint.


  1. It’s hard to be jealous of her when they make such a beautiful couple. Sigh!


    1. I know what you mean. She seems so secure which is probably a good thing for them as a couple. I can’t wait to see her on Sunday, if they even show them, they don’t over here, it is so annoying 🙂


  2. tita buds says:

    Hmm, now I’m curious, too, as to what they’ll come up with. Lovely and smart couple. 🙂


    1. Did you see them Tita? I didn’t. I had to search the web for pictures of the dress. Finally, Livia’s blog did it for me. Oh my gosh, there is one particular photo with Colin and Livia that is just so lovely…


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