Colin and Livia Firth – eco friendly and gorgeous…

Dear Colin,

I have had a quick glimpse of Livia’s dress and it is gorgeous!! who knew a dress made of material from recycled water bottles would be so fantastic even if Armani did make it. I love that Livia inspired him. She was so understated and elegant, the dress needed nothing else. Lovely. I can’t wait to see some behind the scenes photos.

You looked dashing and lean, um, very relaxed too, sort of Mark Darcy like. It was nice to see you mingling, I like seeing that sort of thing, not so much of the stiff, rather tense sitting around like at the Oscars – not that it isn’t important.  I loved Ricky’s joke about women swooning over you- of course they do, your extreme racism ha! ha! and being slightly evil of course – I love that you got it, of course you got it – you’re British, so why wouldn’t you? anyone who might intend to take those labels seriously does not know you- er, not that I know you either,  they don’t know British humor and they certainly don’t understand just how ironic Ricky was being there… I did like your witticism about the religious protesters outside… the only smart remark of the night which I’m sure was genuinely appreciated by Gervais. What was Madonna doing? she took him seriously? really? even Johnny Depp was funny. Did you think Ricky was a bit sedate this time around?


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