A few things I would like to tell Colin Firth today…

How chic: Colin Firth and his wife Livia Giuggilo matched ensembles by teaming grey with black
photo courtesy http://www.dailymail.co.uk

Dear Colin,

I think it’s wonderful that your friend and all around best actor Gary Oldman has received an Oscar nomination. Of course he thoroughly deserves it. I am guessing you might be extremely happy at this point. With you promoting not just the film but Gary as well, it is a marvelous honor to bestow on someone who has such an incredible body of work . I don’t understand why it has not happened before.  I suppose his time is now. I have seen bits and pieces of Sir Alec Guiness as George Smiley,  but Gary, being who he is for this generation, is brilliant in this role. I love George Clooney and he might just take this Oscar, but I would dearly like to see Gary take it home. It would be two Brits two years in a row.

Livia and you looked fantastic at the Paris première. I loved her dress again – lovely, lovely!  I must mention that I got it wrong, I thought designers were dressing only Livia for the green carpet challenge, I had no idea they were going to dress other stars in up-cycled couture for the awards season as well. Brilliant. So, I just got my issue of Red with Livia on the cover, I don’t buy it all the time, um, (it is a wee bit expensive in the US) just as a present to myself every now and then and this was completely worth it… anyway, I want to say in spite of being a little bit ‘in-like’ with you and convincing my family( rolling of the eyes included) to adore you just as much, I am a little in-like with Livia too. She is amazing, I love that only she can normalize you from the dashing, brilliant actor  to regular husband status in a single phrase – quite enjoyable. We are human after all and flawed for life, which makes us more interesting. Oh, oh, I love that she says you are fantastic, brilliant even, at recycling and yet you leave the lights on all the time – that made me laugh out loud because only a wife could say that about her husband and be completely normal about it. In this case it happens to be you. I also love the fact that you cycle all over London, um, I’m afraid I fell off my cycle as a child and never got back on… yes! yes! I should have got back on it, but let’s face it, I really don’t feel like I belong on one. My children and husband find this quite amusing. It’s certainly not funny, I don’t know why they laugh.

What a warrior your wife is. Long may she continue to educate us on how to create less of an impact on our environment. I pledge now to stop over  using the words eco- friendly  – please tell her that – and  to continue with my efforts to create a healthier, simpler way of living for my family. My children amaze me everyday because of their involvement in the school ‘green team.’ I find that I learn something new every single day, just thought you might like to know we’re all doing our part to help.

Star: British actor Gary Oldman had teh support of his wife, Alexandra at the premiere for his movie
Gary Oldman photo courtesy http://www.dailymail.co.uk


  1. Monica says:

    What a beautiful photo of the two. But then again, they never take a bad pic, do they? Where do you buy Red magazine? I love that all her gowns are from recycled materials.


    1. I love their pics together, so relaxed and at ease with each other. Yummy pair really. I love Red!! anything British 🙂 It’s available at Barnes and Noble, it is such a great magazine for women and very inspiring if you’re looking to start your own business or just feel good about yourself.


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