Colin Firth at the BAFTAS

Dear Colin,

I think this is quite possibly the best photo I have seen of you both.  So lovely.

I love that Livia has yet again managed to convince quite a few um, famous people to wear sustainably made clothing on the red carpet and they looked fantastic. Viola Davis looked beautiful in that recycled soda can dress which I understand from Livia’s blog had quite a ho-hum time getting to the right place. Ah, then there was the lovely Michael Fassbender in recycled wool Armani… he is lovely isn’t he? um, let me take a moment to remember how brilliantly he played  the dark, pained and handsome Rochester in Jane Eyre – he completely bowled me over by that performance. Livia and you looked perfect – I loved her tuxedo.

I also wanted to say the most touching part of the BAFTAS was when you helped Meryl Streep by fetching her shoe as she tripped on her way to the podium, then fitted it on carefully and kissed and wished her the best – you are just so nice and so gallant, now do you see why people like you so much? I will see you at the Oscars… er, well, not really see you as in I’ll be there, of course I won’t be there, but, I’ll be watching from home.


4 thoughts on “Colin Firth at the BAFTAS

  1. I love when you post about Colin. Seriously, I would never know what he’s up to without you. I love this picture, too. You can tell his eyes are full of love. Sigh. Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear!


    • Happy happy Valentines Day Monica, big hugs. I thought the same thing when I saw his eyes, how beautiful are they? I am so happy when I post about Colin, he is such a gentleman. Did you see the BAFTAS?


  2. That was a magic moment right there with Meryl Streep. What a gentleman, he suavely turned what could have been an embarrassing (youtube) moment for the queen bee into a heart-swooning moment for everyone. Guys, really, take note. 🙂


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