Last night on Downton Abbey…

I don’t know how many of you watched, but I was in bed at 9pm ready for last night’s episode. It did not disappoint, when I say it did not, I mean it. So many story lines were addressed and wrapped that I didn’t want it to end. I love it when things move quickly – can you imagine watching something that breaks your heart and makes it soar all at the same time? Yes, season 2 wrapped in the best possible way. Simply brilliant.

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My beloved Anna and Bates as well as Matthew and Mary have been through quite a bit. Their stories hit such a climax yesterday that I was wondering how they would address all of the issues and resolve them in just an hour and a half. Anna has such love for Bates and he for her, even with Bates being in prison, it is amazing how much hope they have that his innocence will prevail. It is fantastic how they make you think about a woman scorned -i.e. the previous Mrs Bates – how she arranged her death to implicate her husband, so that she effectively ruins every bit of his future happiness. It is even better that while all this drama is unfolding, Thomas the footman, who has previously stolen from Downton, dabbled in the black market and is always on the lookout for a better position upstairs, starts to have an eye on the position of valet – held previously by Bates. He did something last night which is appalling and yet so brilliant that it sort of brings him what he wanted. This is perfect Downton, they address common issues, sometimes it’s all about nothing and yet, the topic is familiar to all of us even if the era is different.  Mary and Matthew are a bit like Darcy and Elizabeth – they have survived much but we are so desperately aware of their feelings for each other, that we want them to do something about it, for when they look at each other, they shine. I have been waiting for someone to put Sir Richard Carlisle( Mary was engaged to him) in his place for so long that when Matthew threw a fist at him, I was cheering. He was such a troll. The most brilliant line was by way of the Dowager countess to Sir Richard, when he mentioned he wouldn’t be seeing any of them in the near future, she said quite seriously  “do you promise?” I was wiping my eyes with joy. That brought Matthew and Mary together in a proposal we have longed to see. It was magical. Snowflakes swirled around them as Matthew got down on one knee to ask Mary to be his wife. I cannot wait for season three. This season saw a war, the Spanish flu, tragedy and scandal. Can you imagine what the writers might have in store for our most loved characters? would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. When I got the email about this post, I couldn’t look at it because I’d yet to watch Downton Abbey. But last night I did watch it and OMG, it was perfect. But I have to say, re the kiss at the end, the entire time I kept thinking, “Mary, why aren’t you wearing a shawl or something. Surely it was cold!” I was distracted by her bare shoulders. But they did look so beautiful in the snow. I, too, laughed when the Dowager countess said, Do you promise? In fact, I’ve been writing down some of her best lines. They’re priceless. And don’t you think Matthew is so handsome? Definitely reminiscent of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.


    1. Oh no, I’m sorry Monica -I wasn’t sure if I wanted to give away certain things or not, but then it was all over the internet, and I just could not keep Mary and Matthew’s proposal to myself anymore, I was positively gurgling with joy. I should have put spoiler alert or something on my post, my best friend said she had to stop reading too…
      Ahhhh those bare shoulders and Matthew’s blue eyes, I was wondering why she didn’t shiver at all in that flimsy but beautiful dress myself? I see a Darcy and Elizabeth in the making all right and didn’t your heart break for Bates and Anna – oh how I love them. Oh, Maggie Smith has the best lines. I love her in everything she does -isn’t she brilliant. I have all the Downton episodes and will be watching again 🙂


  2. tita buds says:

    Wheee, I loved that proposal scene, especially when Matthew knelt and you could see that he was so amused that she was insisting he do it in a formal manner. They are a very good match. I have to say, though, that how the Lavinia dilemna was dealt with was kind of forced. Anyway, I can hardly wait for next season. 🙂


    1. Oh my gosh Tita, I can’t wait for next season either. You know they are going to face some interesting challenges. A lovely match – yes, I agree.


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