Colin and Livia Firth at the 2012 Oscars

Dear Colin,

So, I have to say you and Livia looked fantastic. Yes, yes, I know, I always say this. I gush of course. I must confess you both can do no wrong – there is an air of serenity and love about you.  I love that you recycled last year’s suit –  I knew you would. Livia finally wore red. I don’t know why, but I have always wanted to see her in a gorgeous red dress, she has that beautiful color and the perfect figure – why not red, um, It was of course a ‘green’ Valentino and  I apologize, I’m not sure the dress showed off her er, loveliness the way I had hoped. She, nevertheless, looked stunning in the color and I was so fascinated that her diamonds came all the way from  the Argyle mines of Western Australia. Have you been to Perth? I lived in Australia for many years and Perth is the one place I would choose as my home if I moved back. Well, er moving on then… I loved your little intro about Meryl, Mama Mia, and Greece, always a dash of panache about your gentlemanly ways.

You know, I wish more interviewers would speak to Livia about her green carpet challenge and all that you both do as Ambassadors for Oxfam. It is so important. I was listening to a clip from the Oxfam event and was thoroughly impressed with how much you both do in the name of charity and not really er, talk about it. By the way, I was completely taken with Meryl Streep’s green dress, how wonderful that she joined the challenge. I also love the actress (from ‘the Artist’) whose name escapes me at the moment, and her stunning sea – blue up-cycled dress, including the recycled zippers.

Um, Colin, how was that pre-Oscar party? there were all these newspaper ( well, tabloid I suppose)pictures of you helping Cameron Diaz down the steps. You know, I really think you should go out and have fun whenever you want, it was just the British caption about you being a perfect gentleman that caught my eye.

10 thoughts on “Colin and Livia Firth at the 2012 Oscars

  1. Funny, but as soon as I saw them in the audience last night, I thought of you. So glad you wrote about them today. They are certainly the most beautiful couple in Hollywood. It’s annoying that Angelina & Brad get so much attention, but these two, sigh. Not so much.


    • Oh Monica, don’t get me started on Brad and Angelina, what was with all that leg? isn’t she above it all? Mmmhmm, way to much attention.
      Colin and Livia are the epitome of beauty; inside and out. I love how simple and elegant they are, he the English gentleman and she the gorgeous Italian.
      I will send you a link of Livia getting her make up done, Colin is filming her and then she and her friend go off into peals of laughter. We don’t see Colin, but he says something like… and the Oscar goes to 🙂
      It is just so cute.


  2. I have to agree about Livia’s dress. She says she likes the way it appeals to her ‘romantic nature’, but there is nothing romantic or girly about red (passionate, yes) and I find it a bit awkward to use that color in a dress with gauzy puffed sleeves. But then, it’s by Valentino so what do I know, hahaha.


    • I know Tita, I loved the color, I wanted to see her in something figure hugging and Grecian. I didn’t imagine this for her. I guess if she was happy and yes, it was Valentino…can’t say much more right 🙂


  3. In my humble opionion, the world needs more gentlemen like Colin Firth! I think of him in Pride and Prejudice and I swoon! Loved this letter to Colin! 🙂


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