Hello Colin…

Dear Colin,

It seems like I wrote to you ages ago. Of course I wrote to you right after the Oscars but somehow, I feel a bit removed from everything. Well, er, not everything. I have been keeping track of ‘The Railway Man’ project and I am extremely happy you made sure Nicole Kidman came on board to play your wife. I love Rachel Weisz and I was a wee bit excited they picked her to play the wife of Eric Lomax, but now that Nicole Kidman is in, I am beyond thrilled. This is such an interesting story to me, obviously I know nothing of the gritty and brutal treatment of a POW and especially what this gentleman in particular had to undergo, from what I have read however, it seems to be an incredible story of strength and forgiveness – I would love to ask you how you plan to approach this role. Since I can’t, oh but I really  wish I could… ok, I won’t ask again – I will assume it is with the usual diligence, brilliance and many conversations with Lomax himself. I understand they will show some of the torture Lomax  had to endure by the Japanese, as well as his journey through life after that.  What I love the most, is the role Patti Lomax played in shaping Lomax’s emotions from anger and vengeance and the inability to forgive – to finally ‘forgiving’ the man who was instrumental in his capture and subsequent torture. I can only imagine how filming some of the scenes might be for you both. What is it like? is it emotional? how do you channel Lomax when you have to play him as a broken man? He is in his 90s now or I read he was – what  is it like to pop around for tea and have a casual conversation with someone who has lived this incredible life? After The Kings Speech, I am more than ready to see you in this World War 2 film.

Moving on to a much lighter subject… I know I often praise your recycling / planet protecting efforts but I didn’t realize you wore the same Tom Ford tuxedo from last year, to the Oscars this year – what a wonderful example of why Livia’s GCC is important. We can’t all walk the red carpet, well in your case the green carpet- which we must honor, and I certainly don’t have Lanvin or Valentino wanting to put me in a pretty dress, what appeals to me however, is the fact that certain celebrities do not mind wearing dresses made of recycled soda cans, bottles, bits of fabric from  old fabric bins and the like i.e. Viola Davis and Meryl Streep – oh how I loved her gold Lanvin.  Brava Livia! You are fabulous. Um, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that, she is pretty wonderful though isn’t she? no really, I don’t mind you talking about her…

Last but not least, I knew when I asked Ruper Everet to leave you alone, I should have said mu h more. Even though I only read bits and pieces of something he said  about your role in Mama Mia, I did feel some resentment about the way he worded it. Although, after reading your article in Eco-age( you are friends aren’t you? I mean you did star in St. Trinians together) I enjoyed that last bit where you offered to never wear sandals unless you are on the beach and swore RE never saw you with a guitar. What was that he said about you and the guitar? Oh you are funny. I wish you would write more, um, yes I know you are a little busy, still, if you could keep that in mind for the future.

I hope all those who adore you, enjoy your article as much as I did, I am  including the link on this post…http://www.eco-age.com/item/1065-I_am_not_a_neuroscientist_


  1. tita buds says:

    I like how he writes ‘from the naughty step’, it’s as if he is just thinking out loud although it does come together in the end. 😀
    When I found out about the recycled tuxedo, my heart did a little ‘whoop’, too. So I don’t know if I can stand watching him get ‘tortured’, waah.


    1. I know, I thought ‘the naughty step’ was so cute. Don’t you just love him? I really hope the scenes won’t be too graphic, maybe they might change them, I read it so it may not be all that accurate no?


  2. Thanks for including the link to his article. I love how I can depend on you for all things Colin. Wasn’t familiar with The Railway Man, but now I have something new to look forward to. Thanks, MM!


    1. I have missed writing to Colin, Monica 🙂 am so glad I did and you liked it. The Railway Man seems like such a great story to tell, I can’t wait to see it. I have just added ‘Tinker, Taylor, Soldier Spy to my Netflix cue – yay!!


  3. Bella says:

    I was hoping as I clicked on your blog that I’d be able to get my Colin Firth fix and you did not disappoint! Just today I saw “The Importance of Being Earnest” with Colin and Rupert! It was a hoot! 🙂


    1. Hi Bella, thank you. I’m happy you liked my post. I hadn’t written Colin a note in a long while, it was about time 🙂


  4. mickey4mice says:

    Looks like The Railway Man production stills have been leaked. A Chinese site posted here http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1741038615


    1. Oh boy! I’m sure these closely guarded scenes were not meant to be seen at all 🙂 I loved them. Thank you so much for stopping by with the link, really appreciate it.


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